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What is Hungry Point?

Our members are important to us and we work very hard to bring them the most up-to-date information available. With every successful booking, our members receive Hungry Point Rewards which are redeemable for cash. Our service standards are among the highest in the industry because we listen to and acknowledge the individual needs of our members.
How to sign up
HowTosignup 1) Download the application from iOS App Store or Google Play Store 2) Register or sign in with Facebook 3) Fill out your phone number
How to book a table
HowToBookaTable 1) Search for a restaurant 2) Select the time and party size 3) Click Book Now 4) Add special request (optional)
How to filter restaurants
HowToFilterRestaurants 1) Click the “Filter” icon at the bottom 2) Filter by:

  1. price
  2. location
  3. cuisine


How to check your reservation
HowToCheckYourReservation 1) Click the “Profile icon” at the bottom right 2) Click “Reservation” from pop-up menu  
How to check your points
HowToCheckYourPoints 1) Click the “Profile icon” at the bottom right 2) Click “HungryHub Points” from pop-up menu
How to redeem your points
Step redeem 1) Make a booking 2) Click the “profile icon” at the bottom right 3) Click HungryHub Points from pop-up menu 4) Click Redeem Now button 5) Choose the Restaurant that you made a booking at 6) Choose the amount of points that you would like to Redeem (if you have more than 200 points) 7) Get SMS & Email Confirmation 8) Check “Redemption History” —> New Feature
How to earn points fast
Hungry Hub app sharing 1) Review the Hungry Hub Application via Facebook / Post a picture of yourself with a Hungry Hub screen to earn 100 Hungry Points 2) “Share and get free meals ”– We award you every time you share the app with your friends. Just have them sign up and input your unique referral code and you will receive 30 Baht each time. Redeem that and get it back in cash. Potential  start dining for free now by telling your friends.  

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